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The Greater Richmond Telugu Association is one of the pioneering cultural organizations in the Greater Richmond area of State of Virginia. We are a 501(c) (3) Nonprofit, non-political, non-sectarian organization, established that caters to the growing needs of the Telugu community in cultural, educational and community service areas. This Association has grown to become one of the foremost organizations of its kind and represents 1,000+ families today. One of the organization’s primary missions is to preserve and propagate the Telugu cultural heritage and maintain the identity of said group of people, to provide a forum for Telugu literary, cultural, educational, social, and charitable activities of its members in an effort to share a strong bond rooted in common heritage. The committee is dedicated & working hard to achieve these goals.

What we do?

GRTA strives to preserve and promote our rich traditions and to pass them on to our future generations. GRTA takes a very active role in organizing social and cultural events for the larger Indian Telugu community. Every year GRTA organizes events like Sankranti, Ugadi, event for Ladies only, Summer Picnic and Sports events, which brings more than 1000+ Telugu families in and around greater Richmond area of State of Virginia. GRTA also participates in local community events like supporting volunteering activities and promotes awareness of Telugu language and culture through participation at events hosted by other non-profit organizations around greater Richmond area of State of Virginia.

Why to join GRTA?

Many of GRTA members are also drawn to the association with personal motivating reasons such as potential opportunities to bring forth new talents, creativity, and skills to positively impact the community life quality, to follow own sense of duty to contribute back to the community, to find platform to develop meaningful associations with other community members, to improve skills of social relations, planning, and general leadership, and , last but not the least, a strong desire to bring positive improvement in the quality of Telugu community life.

Membership Benefits

GRTA offers several benefits to its members. Throughout the year, GRTA organizes several community events where members can enjoy diverse cultural shows and variety of delicious food items. GRTA celebrates & facilitates events that include cultural, social, sports, and educational activities enable diverse individualities to share a strong bond rooted in common heritage promoting a sense of Unity!!!

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